Monday, April 22, 2013

I live for weekends!

What a fun weekend I had!!
It started Thursday night! Even though I did work Friday!
Catie, Sarah, and I had champagne and dinner!
It was such a nice night!!
I have been dying to go to a Giants game!! Friday night I did!! SO MUCH FUN!! Club level = even better!! Such a fun night!
 Danielle and I
It was a firework night!! 
Justin, me, Danielle, & Leslie having drinks before the game!
 Saturday i enjoyed the pool with Sarah and her two boys! It was so hot. 
That night we enjoyed pizza and s'mores by the outside fire pit!
Little Max and I snuggling on the hammock.
 Sunday I helped my Mom with a ton of yard work! We did so much so we treated ourselves at Lulu!! I am loving my new bag!!!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! 
I am looking forward to warm weather all week!! 
And the Giants game on Tuesday evening!!