Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Hear Wedding Bells!

4:30 AM wake up call. 4:30 AM wake up call. Are you reading that right?
OMG that is going to come sooo early tomorrow morning! BUT it will all be worth it!
I am off to the beautiful Arizona bright and early!
I will be watching this beautiful lady get married on Saturday!! I cant wait!! She and her momma have done everything for this wedding! It will be just beautiful and I cant wait to show you all the pictures!
The festivities start off Friday at a spring training game! D-backs vs. the Cubs!!
Sarah and her future hubby Ryan!!
Just to show you how creative she is! All her Save the Dates were sent on one of a kind handkerchiefs. How amazing is that!!

And on another note, remember my new camera victims! Jackson is sure getting used to the camera!!

And because I would never want to leave Ella out!
This was taken on my mommas camera last summer!!
I'll be back next week with pictures from the wedding!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bonnie's Birthday in Napa

On Saturday we celebrated Bonnie's Birthday!! Bonnie is a dear friend! When I had just graduated high school Bonnie called me up one day and asked if I wanted a job at the law office she worked at. Umm well yes, yes I do!! I have known Bonnie most of my life she has two daughters one of which is a year younger than me. I started DVC in the Fall of 2005 and started working there as well three full days a week! When I started I would have never imagined I would make lifelong friends there! This is a job I will never ever forget. We had the most fun office ever. I don't think I will ever ever experience an office like this in my lifetime. Anyways... there is five of us who get together at least once a month for happy hour and such. The last time we got together we decided to celebrate Bonnie's birthday we would do Napa for a day. Boy was it fun! The day started at Domaine Caneros which is the birthday girls favorite place! Koushiar and I made everyone a bag with a picnic lunch!

 The birthday girls favorite color is blue so that was the theme for the day!
 Each bag included pasta salad, sandwiches, Walker shortbread cookies, sour patch kids, & chocolate! Koushiar also brought brie and a baguette to share!!
We had so much fun!! Reliving funny stories from the office, making new memories together, and sipping on wine! What else could you need! It didn't hurt that it was 70 degrees and sunny in the wine country! Truly a day we will never forget!!
 Happy Birthday Bonnie!
 It was beautiful at Domaine Caneros
Champagne flight!
 The day was just gorgeous!
 I obviously had fun playing with my camera!
 Bonnie the birthday girl!
 Carla and Koushiar!
Me and Koushiar
 We ended the day at Mumm. They have my favorite type of champagne, pinot noir champagne! It is my most favorite EVER! I discovered it a couple years ago at the Korbel winery! It was so delicious that I came home with 5 bottles from there! I do know Korbel and Mumm each make one but they are only sold at the winery's. I of course had to come home with a bottle! If they weren't $30 each I would buy a case!!
 Loved all of the tastings here!
Carla and I enjoying a glass of heaven!!

Such a fun weekend celebrating Bonnie! I can't wait until our next adventure!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cupcake Pinning!

Do you know me? If you do you would know I LOVE cupcakes!
Like want them for every single occasion!!
These are my Pinterest cupcakes I hope to try one day!!
How cute are these toppers!
These would have been perfect to make for Valentine's Day!
I had these made for a Christmas party I hosted a couple years ago!
How cute are these for Easter?
After seeing all this yummyness I may need to go get one today!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Weekend!

Before we get to my weekend you should know my friends are awesome!!!
On Valentine's Day Heidi showed up with  1 lb box of Milk Chocolates from See's! Can you say heaven!! Their currently hidden so no one else tries to eat them!
I had dinner with this adorable chick on Valentine's Day! And her Momma and Pappa!!
My other BFF Koushiar showed up with this Valentine present in the later afternoon! If you haven't heard I am collecting them! So excited to add this to my collection!

Saturday night I checked my mailbox to find this sweetness in it!!
Love my Jordan! And I don't have a picture but my Momma gave me the best Valentine's box ever!! It included a candle, lip gloss, undies, & chocolates! Yes Please!!
After work Friday night I made a big girl purchase!!
I have been saving for a while and finally decided to take the plunge!
Eeeks!!! I was so excited. My Friday night consisted of charging the battery and going through everything in the box. There was a ton! No Joke!!
After the battery charged I did what any normal person would do! Took tons of pictures to test it out. Poor kitties they were my victims that night! I don't think they like the flash much and pretty much run at the sight of the camera now.
Saturday I met The Kirby clan at baseball practice to play with my new camera.

Miss Maddie was the perfect candidate for practice.

And Jack too!

Posing and everything!

What a stud.

Saturday night I had wine & champagne with Heidi and called it a night!
Sunday was spent relaxing and watching multiple episodes of Gossip Girl!
I ended it with delicious Mexican food!
Perfect weekend in my book.
Be prepared for picture overload as I continue to play with my new camera!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Blog Swap

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I know I sure did! I was spoiled by so many people!
I participated in my first blog swap! A Valentine's Day blog swap how could I resist!
If you know me I LOVE to give presents and sometimes get carried away!!
They were super organized and made everything so fun!
If you don't follow these girls blogs please go check them out!
They are both just adorable!!

Love, Fun & Football

I was paired to give to Becca @ Faith, Love, and Babies!
Go check her blog out to see what she received!
Jen @ Unscripted sent me a love filled package!
Please check her blog out she is to sweet!!

I knew I would love it already! Pink glitter tissue paper!
This is Jen! She sent the most adorable card ever!
Here's my loot! Girlfriend did good! Two boxes of Sour Patch kids (my fav candy), a gold notebook, 2 lip gloss, a C (which I have plans to paint and glitterfy), cat toys for Ella and Jackson, nail polish, and the best coffee CAT mug ever!!
Check out the mug! I almost died of laughter when I got this! A crazy cat lady definitely needs a cat mug!!

I love nail polish!! All these colors are too cute!
Ella and Jackson were so happy they were included!! Seriously she thought of everything! Definitely read my blog to get to know ME!

Thank you so much Jen for all my goodies I loved them so so much!!
The cat mug may be the best present ever received hahaha!!!
Megan and Erin thanks for hosting such a fun swap!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. ~ A Valentine Edition

This is my first time linking up with Katie and Stephanie for Saw It! Pinned It! Did It!
When Heidi said she wanted to make her kids Valentine's for school again this year I jumped on it!
She knows I'm a want to be crafter!
 How cute are these for Jack!
All you needed was these sticky hands below, small clear bags, craft paper, and a printable!
Sticky hands: Target party favor section, $2 for a bag of 8 hands
Small Clear bags: Michael's
Craft Paper: Heidi already had but you could use any

They were super easy to make! Cut the sticky hands but keep them in their packaging so they don't stick and get yucky! Place in each bag. Cut your craft paper and staple to the top! Use cute scissors to cut the saying and glue on the craft paper! Have you child write their name on the back and VOILA!
Finished product!!

I think they turned out super cute!!
For Maddie and Tenley we found this cute pin!
All you need for this one is card stock, candy hearts, and cute ribbon!
Here is Maddie's final product!
And Tenley's final product!!
Both these Valentine's were pretty easy to make, super cheap, and adorable!!!