Monday, December 30, 2013

Kate's 25th Birthday

My younger sister Kate's birthday falls on December 25th, aka Christmas. While I think it would be so hard to have a birthday that day Kate never complains once. Since this was her Golden Birthday this year her BFF's went all out. They sent out snail mail invitations which are my favorite!!!
How perfect is this cake for a quarter century birthday!
The flowers were so pretty!
They made cute name cards for everyone.
And a photo booth!! I love me a photo booth.
The two hosts!! They are the cutest and made Kate's birthday so special.
Kate and her BF Evan
 The whole group for the night.
After dinner we went to Mr. Lucky's the local bar and had a blast. I don't know why but Kate and her friends love taking photos with this plant so photos we took!! 
I love my sissy and was so glad I was able to celebrate her birthday with her!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas this year was at my Moms house. My brother flew in from Long Beach for 5 days. We had the best time ever! Her house was all decked out and felt magical! My younger sister Kate turned 25 of Christmas! Her "Golden Birthday"!! 
My friend Sarah gifted me the most unique gift ever and I love it! I have a lot of books and let all my friends borrow them! She got me this stamp. I was shocked and love it so much.
 My Mom gets me a special ornament each year!! I love salt and pepper shakers so this was perfect for me!
 I got this phone case from my Dad and just love it!!
I was spoiled this year and got amazing gifts from my family.
Cheers to an amazing Christmas and Birthday celebration. 

Friday, December 20, 2013


December this year was definitely one for the books. I was so busy and I loved every single minute of it. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! First up was getting Christmas lights up on the house! I had my handy helpers Claire and Tenley! Marie stopped by to see some of the final product.
The first weekend of December was packed. Heidi, Maddie, and I went to the downtown Walnut Creek tree lighting. This always sets the tone for Christmas. That Friday was the 3rd annual 5 favorite things party. Boy was it fun, I was spoiled and came home with 5 awesome gifts. That Saturday I was up bright and early, Heidi and her Gram, and I were off to SF for a day of shopping. Her Gram treated us to a delicious lunch at the Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus.
The next week I organized a dinner with all my close girlfriends to get together for dinner and an ornament exchange. I love doing this since our schedules are so busy and we barley see each other. I was all festive in my new J Crew reindeer shirt!!
The next day the craziness began as my Dad flew into town for 5 days. I love love when my Dad visits and this visit did not disappoint. Thursday night we went to dinner at Tomatina, my Dads fav when he is here. Friday my Dad and I were off to SF for a day of shopping and dinner with his friends. Saturday night my Dad treated my sister and I to a yummy dinner at Corners Tavern to celebrate my sisters 25th birthday! She's a Christmas baby!!
That Sunday my mom and 2 sisters had tickets to the SF Nutcracker. I had been when I was a little girl but had not been back since. It was so much fun. We definitely will be doing this every year.
The next week before Christmas was filled with baking days, Tenley's Christmas program, looking at Christmas lights, and wrapping presents.

Next up was a night of ice skating. My friend Bonnie gifted me 4 tickets through the local radio station. It was on a Thursday night from 8-10 PM. I was a little worried it was going to be to late. Come to find out it was a private event, which made the rink less crowded and soo much fun. We even got my Mom on the rink. The radio station served hot chocolate, cookies, and candy canes. They played games on the rink. It was so much fun and Tenley couldn't get enough of it. 
This December was definitely one for the books!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week the Kirby's were in town for a whole week!! Miss Tenley was in for a treat as her BFF was here!! They are so cute together I die!! That Sunday Claire, Tenley, Jack, Maddie, and I were off to see Santa at the local nursery. I seriously think it's the best Santa around. No pay, no lines, its great! Maddie thought otherwise she wouldn't get near that man!! After that we were off for a day at the park, literally, we were at the park for 5 hours!!

Even Uncle Justin made an appearance for the kiddos!! These little girls are crazy for him!
My friend Sarah asked if I would help take pics of her two cuties to get a Christmas card photo. I have no clue what I am doing with this camera still but I thought these two were pretty darn cute. 

Mid week Starbucks dates with your BFF's are always the best!!
I love these little cuties!! They are growing up WAY WAY to fast!
It was such a fun week!