Thursday, October 31, 2013


I love Halloween it's the official start to the Holidays for me! Every year my friend Katie's parents host dinner for the more the merrier. They serve hot dogs and chili, they have been doing this for as long as I remember! Little Tenley AKA Aerial was so so excited for the big day this year. She begged her Momma for Auntie Casey to put a little makeup on her. We went with blush, sparkles, and lip gloss. All the girls and I ended up wearing a little something to dress up. Katie's parents decorate the house so cute. It was a Halloween to remember!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New York City Part Three

Sunday was our last full day in NYC! We definitely made a full day of it! We started the morning off with a NYC bagel at Evergreen right by our hotel. We then took a cab over to Canal street, which is known for knockoff shopping. We browsed for a bit and had fun checking it out but didn't purchase anything. We made our way to Little Italy and were lucky enough to catch the last day of the San Gennaro festival. It was so much fun! We shared a yummy cronut. Next we were off to the famous Katz deli for lunch. It was a sight to see. They filmed part of the movie When Harry Met Sally there. After lunch we hopped in a cab and took it across the Brooklyn bridge. We wanted to walk across the bridge but knew it would take a bit of time to walk both ways so we decided to cab across and walk back towards the Manhattan side. It was such a gorgeous day and the views were amazing, I definitely recommend doing this if your visiting. Next on the list was to visit the 9/11 Memorial site. It was a short walk off the Brooklyn bridge to the place you get a ticket from.  We had about an hour and half before our ticket time so we went to a small local bar called the Dakota Roadhouse. After walking around the Memorial we decided to cab it back and get ready for Chicago. We had amazing seats as well for this show. It was so amazing. We met up with Gary for dinner that night after the show at Becco for some delish Italian food. We packed this day and had to call it a night after dinner.
Monday we had about half the day before we needed to head to the airport. We were up bright and early and off to SOHO for breakfast. We ate at the Cupping Room which was so adorable and the food was great. We walked around Greenwich village the rest of the morning. We were so so sad to be leaving.
NYC was my best trip to date. I had a blast and loved everything about this city. I plan on going back next year and absolutely cant wait to see more of this amazing city. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New York City Part 2

Saturday started off bright and early! We had tickets to the NYY vs. Giants game! This was something I had been looking forward too! We walked from our hotel to Grand Central station and caught the subway from there to the Bronx! The stadium was so nice! Even though I am a Giants fan for life I had to buy a NYY hat!! Gary, his friend Joe, Claire, Katie, and I had a blast!

After the game we took the subway back to Grand Central station and went to The Campbell Terrace for afternoon drinks. I had wanted to go to the Campbell Apartment a "hidden bar" in Grand Central Station but they were closed for a private event. Many people don't know about it but it used to be someones apartment and is a now turned bar. They have an outside terrace though which was super cute.

We made our way back to our hotel and got ready for Gary's Birthday dinner. We went to dinner with his best friend Joe who lives in NYC and some of his family.  We went to the West Bank Cafe which I would highly recommend to anyone. The food was out of this world. Joe has known the owner since they were 5 years old. 

The only time we were there it decided to down pour right after dinner for our walk home. Such a fun day in NYC! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

New York City Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I went to NYC for my very first time ever! To say I had a love affair with this city would be an understatement. I completely fell in love with NYC and am already planning a trip back for next year. Claire, Katie, and I went with Claire's Dad to celebrate his 60th birthday! We had a blast. We were up at 7 AM every day and not home until 1 AM every night. We jam packed our days to see as much of the city as we could in 5 days.
When we arrived Thursday we could not get to our hotel fast enough to drop our luggage. We decided from being on a plane all day we would go to a yummy pizza place for dinner. We didn't even get ready that night. Thursday night we ended up going to John's Pizzeria and went to the Empire State Building. So so cool at night to see everything lit up.
Friday we were up bright and early and off to go see the Good Morning America taping and the Today show. We walked through the Diamond District this day as well. We had been told by many people to see a lot of the city do a bus tour. I was a little hesitant at first but this was by far the best $50 I spent. We got an entire tour of Manhattan. I saw so much of the city that I never would have in the time I was there. We hopped off at Central Park, and walked around the park for a bit. We decided to go to the Plaza Hotel for an afternoon snack. There food court was amazing. This was no ordinary food court it was a very Glamorous one. Every thing you could think of they had.  On our way back to the hotel we stopped for a 5 o'clock cocktail at Rockefeller center. Friday was Gary's 60th Birthday so we got tickets to see Jersey Boys on Broadway. OMG amazing. My first show on Broadway did not disappoint. Because NYC never sleeps we went to dinner after the show at Blue Ribbon Sushi. Boy was this a popping place. It was delish. We decided to call it a night after dinner around 1 AM.

Such a fun start to our trip and this was just the beginning!!!