Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Justin!!! My main man :) Today is Justin's 31st birthday, and while he would like to think it's just another day and try not remember he is one year older I LOVE to celebrate birthdays!! I think he will have a hard time forgetting his birthday today!!We have so many memories together that I just love, below you will see just some of my favorites!!

These first pictures is the night is all began! My 20th birthday May 2007!!
It all started at the Kaboom Concert in SF and we all ended our night at the Starlight Lounge!!
May 2007

At the dog beach in October 2007! He is with his best friends Boss and Shadow!!
Halloween 2007 Muir Lane Alamo
Garrett and Kelli's Cabin in North Lake Tahoe
Celebrating Justin's 27th Birthday
Celebrating my 21st birthday 2008
Kenney Chesney 2009
One of our many Lakeside Casino Lake Tahoe visits!
4th of July Capitola 2010
Camping in Lake Tahoe
Celebrating Justin's 29th Birthday is Golden Gate Park
Barrel Tasting Russian River March 2010
A day of fun in SF
Celebrating his 30th birthday in 2011
NYE is Vegas 2008
Blue Angels October 2011
Hot August nights Summer 2007
My 21st birthday going to the Saddlerack 2008
Kaboom Concert in SF May 2008
Greg's boat on the Delta Summer 2007
Santa Cruz Summer 2007, our first trip away together!
Celebrating Katie's 21st Birthday September 2007

Now I would say that was picture overload if you managed to find yourself at the bottom of this post I commend you :)
I love you so so much Justin and am so happy to be celebrating another birthday with you!! I hope you have the best year yet!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Oh my word I have been one busy bee! Today I will overload you with pictures!!

I love love love girl scout cookies!! I bought one of each of the original boxes for our house! Justin has yet to see them all in the freezer, when he does I will have all of about two days to eat a couple and then I am sure they well be outta here!!
This is my desk! I got a new orchid from J for Valentine's day!! Hopefully I can keep it alive :)
The above pic is EOS chap stick, have you tried it? If not go get some its super cheap from Walgreen's!
Heidi recently introduced me to these almonds! I don't even like Wasabi but I sure love these!!!
Oh how I wish I had never ever stepped foot in Lulu! It's my new danger place for sure! How cute are these colors though?
I watched the four Annison girls recently! Bowling was definitely on the agenda. Heidi, Maddie, & Jack met us there as well as Claire & Tenley! It was so cute watching the little ones bowl.
This picture explains what we did most of the time, wait and watch as Tenley or Maddie's ball slowly crept down the lane :)
New BFF's in the making and I couldn't be more happier about it!
The opted out of bowling and needed some baby time!
Thanks Heidi for the pictures!!
I spent Sunday helping Claire plan a 3 year old birthday party for Miss Tenley!! This is a sneak peak of a desert :)
Can you guess the theme?

See you guys tomorrow it's someones birthday!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day


Meet my Valentine!!

His 30th surprise party! 80's Style!

Kenny Chesney!

Wine tasting!
Here are some Pinterest idea's that I re-created!!
My first one was this heart garland
I went to Home Depot and grabbed a few paint samples of various pinks, purples, and red. I just cut out hearts, you could also use a heart cutout of you had one! The only thing I spent money on was the small safety pins to attach each heart together! I think the whole project cost $2! SCORE

The old frame and chicken wire was also something I saw on Pinterest, I actually bought it at the Alameda Fair which is one a month and falls on the first Sunday of each month. I just painted it and bought clothes pins. This is where I hang invitations we get and different fun pictures!!

Justin loves Rice Krispy treats so I saw some heart ones on Pinterest and recreated them!!
Here's what you will need!
Final product

He loved them!! I only made a couple heart ones! The rest turned out like this!

I decided to make a Justin and a couple people a box full of treats! I left them on their porches this morning!!

 Hope they enjoyed them! I know I sure did while making them last night, I may have "tested" them a couple times !!

I will leave you with this picture because I love cupcakes and this makes me happy!!