Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Arizona Trip

Well I am back from Arizona! Actually been back a while now its just taken me a while to get back here!!
I surprised my Dad for his birthday and to say he was shocked is an understatement. He had to take a double look at me and was floored!! Surprise was definitely a success.
Of course I forgot my camera which results in IPhone pics only.
After I surprised him my Dad's girlfriend Carie took us to lunch at an amazing place the Vig.
I mean we had to celebrate of course!!

Saturday the Giants were in town playing the Diamondback's, you know we were there!!
Their Costco has an amazing deal two for one club level tickets.
The weather was amazing!! Mid 90's this day and 80's for the rest of my stay. Pure heaven!!

Check out this pool hat I scored in the 1$ section at Target!!
I most definitely used this lounging by the pool all week.

On Easter Sunday we had people over for brunch. I may be going to Arizona for Easter every year because the Easter Bunny visited ME too!! Must have been a good girl!! I only have a couple pictures from Easter.

Claire my BFF arrived on Monday for a three night stay with us. Most of what we did was pool, shop, eat, wine, sleep, do it again!!

My Dad's girlfriend Carie watches a little boy Morgan during the week. He must have known Claire is a Momma too cause once she arrived I was chop liver.

We went antiquing a couple days at the most amazing place. It's open everyday and there are over 225 vendors. I was in heaven. Here is a sneak peak of what I scored.
Three Fenton Hobnail milk glass vases. I may be obsessed!!
A coral old fashioned napkin dispenser. Two more great pieces of Fenton hobnail milk glass.
Annddd Fenton Hobnail milk glass salt & pepper shakers. Annndd those adorable mason jar salt and pepper shakers. I foresee a stop or two at this Market Place every time I'm in Arizona now!!
That pretty much sums up my trip this time to AZ, I am still a little sad I didn't have my camera.
Until next time.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baseball Time Baby!!!

I am in sunny Arizona!!! Jealous much it's supposed to be 94 today!!!
I flew in Friday morning to surprise my Dad for his birthday!! He was completely shocked to say the least!! And he was thrilled to know I was also staying a week!!
Saturday we headed to the Giants vs. the Diamondbacks!! While I am primarily a Giants fan I was born in Arizona and half of my family lives there too so I am a fan of both. You bet ya I was sporting my Giants gear Saturday though!! Hopefully the Giants can win a game today!!!

Just to make you a little jealous the temps will be like this all week .... YOU SEE THOSE 90's!!!
I can guarantee you my hand will be filled with something like this all week... YES I LOVE COORS LIGHT!!!
And I'm sure I'll be lounging just like this...
Well not quite... but a pool nonetheless!!
Claire my BFF is flying in Monday to stay with me until Thursday!!  I am sure we will be soaking up the sun, shopping, dining, and having a fabulous time!!!