Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Girls Sleepover

Last Friday we celebrated Claire's 26th birthday with a girls sleepover. I could not tell you the last time we did this...years!!
It was so much fun. We all met at Danielle's at 6 pm for a fun filled night. Everybody brought something different to munch on and Danielle provided all the wine.
The theme of the party was black, white, & hot pink!!

 Every party needs pink party hats!!!
The food was to die for! All the yummy muchies you could think of!!
 Cheese platter!
 The BEST nachos ever!
It was my first time having fried ravioli, oh my word it's yummy!
Spinach, kale, and Greek yogurt dip! Yum yum, it can be found at Trader Joes! It's delish!!
 The spread!
 Danielle & Leslie
 Paige, Shannah, and I
 Paigy & I
All the girls!! Paige, Katie, Claire, Leslie, Daniele, Shannah, Marie, and I!!
What fun is a sleepover without looking at all the old photo albums! Look at my dark brown hair!!
 Senior year, 2005
 Tahoe, senior year  NYE 2005
I am thinking 9th grade sometime!!
They seriously crack me up and remind me of the BEST memories ever!!
This is the only picture I have from Saturday but we went to an event at Wente winery called Wine, Beats, & Mobile eats!! Super fun!!
Love all my girlfriends so much!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catch up!!

A couple weeks ago bright and early Claire, Tenley, and I headed to sunny AZ!! To say I was excited was an understatement!!
Little Ten all ready to go on the airplane!!
Claire and I ready for a long ride with a busy three year old!!
Tenley's grandparents just moved there so she spent most of her time with them.
We were in Arizona maybe 3 hours and she was already in the pool!!

Saturday night we went to the ASU game.
I LOVE ASU Football!!
This is Marie and I from last year!

And Claire and I from this year!! So much fun and it didn't hurt we WON!!!

In other news I CAN'T believe it's October already where has the year gone!! I started a couple fun projects for my porch!!
Prime the pumpkin first!!
 Spray paint it hot pink, add purple glitter, and a pretty gold bow and voila!! Pretty pumpkins!!
 All I did with this one was paint glue through the creases and sprinkle orange glitter!! Easy peasy!
The above picture was stolen from Heidi! I officially joined a book club, oh does that make me feel old haha! At least were reading fun light easy reads and each meeting includes dinner and wine! FTW

That's all I got today! I'll be back this week with a re-cap of a girls sleepover with nine close friends for Claire's birthday, wine tasting at Wente, and my current Fall favorites!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Claire!!

Today is one of my BFF's birthdays!!
Her and I started her 26th birthday this morning with an early morning walk around the Lafayette reservoir and Peets coffee!!
Claire and I met in 6th grade and have literally been inseparable ever since!!
She is someone I tell EVERYTHING too!! Her Dad is my second Dad :)
We have been through everything together!
I was at the hospital when she gave birth to the most adorable child ever, Tenley!!
I will let the pictures do the talking!!

Arizona September 2012
Santa Barbara 2007
I am guessing 6th grade sometime!
NYE 6th grade!
Summer 2012
March 2012 80's party
 County Fair Summer 2012
Kenny Chesney Summer 2008
Tenley's 3rd Birthday March 2012
 Our First trip to Vegas 2007
 Santa Barbara 2007
 Jordan's 21st Birthday May 2007
 Vegas June 2007
 Claire's Baby Shower 2009
 Skipolini's 2010
 San Luis Obispo 2007
 Arizona 2012
  Vegas June 2007
  Vegas June 2007
 SF Giants game 2012
 A LULU adventure 2012
Arizona 2012
Happy happy birthday Claire!! I am so happy to be celebrating with you!!!