Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Country Concert Anyone!

If you know me YOU know I love love any country concert! But when you combine Kenny Chesney and Tim Mcgraw it can't get much better than that! Or so I think :)
We got our tickets months ago and I had been counting down the days ever since.
A couple weekends ago 9 of us girls headed out to Oakland to see them! While it was quite a long night it was soo much fun!!
We had a little tailgating in the parking lot before we headed in!
Had a blast with Brit!!
I definitely rocked my cowboy hat before heading in!!
Love me some Heidi time!!
Loved that Sarah joined us last minute!
There is just something about a country concert! I can't even explain..
Can you tell we were pretty excited!
This concert was so much fun! The company was even better! Until next year Kenny!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4th Of July Pictures

Just a tad late but want to post about my 4th of July mainly so I remember for the next year and to be able to look back and see what we did!
I only had a small amount of decor for 4th of July this year!
I printed this amazing Free Printable and spray painted a frame colonial red!
Always need a couple small American Flags for table decor!
Love these Red, White, & Blue chips from Trader Joe's
All we needed was some yummy food!
She was ready to go and see the parade!
We went to the our local town parade! None of us had ever been and it was adorable!
Tenley loved all the festivities!
Thank goodness for our red wagon!
We ended up running into the real baby Ava! Such a treat to see this cutie!

Those are all the pics I have from the 4th. Our day ended with a small BBQ back at our house and swimming for Tenley! Justin then took four of us girls to watch the fireworks! Loved our laid back 4th this year!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After Party

After Catie's Bridal shower at El Charro, the night did not end it actually had just started!
A couple of us went down to Va de Vi for some celebratory champagne!
If you have never been here go! It will not disappoint!
How cute is she! She will be the most beautiful bride ever!
Sarah and her Momma!
Catie and another future MIL!
Catie girl and I
It was a beautiful day! After this the Momma's left us and us three went out on the town!
Second stop was Modern China Cafe in Walnut Creek! It was our first time here and it was delicious!
We giggled and had so much fun girl time!
Catie and her MOH
This is where things started to get wild! Third stop of the night was Pyramid!
We love sitting outside and listening to the live music!
I seriously LOVE Instagram!!!
Our Fourth and FINAL stop of the night! As you can tell it had been a looong day!!
Us three girls always seem to have the BEST time ever together!
Ill be off this weekend to St. Helena to celebrate Catie at her Bachelorette Party!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bridal Shower

A couple Saturday's ago we kicked off the wedding festivities for the soon to be Mrs. Taylor. It was such a fun wedding shower maybe one of the best I have been to. Her MIL to be hosted it at El Charro. It was such a nice afternoon and we couldn't beat the weather.
Catie the Bride To Be and her MOH Sarah!
Catie and her beautiful Mother!
Catie and I, so happy to be celebrating this AMAZING women!!
Lots of Chips, Salsa, & delicious Apps!
Don't forget the Margaritas!
A couple cute games!
The most perfect answers from her hubby to be!
A ton of laughs and smiles!
A very happy bride and soon to be MIL!
And then it was present time!
She made out like a bandit!
Lots of William Sonoma!
A coffee table book! For the boys! haha
St. Helena cupcakes for desert!

Meet her Bridal Party!
MOH- Sarah
Her SIL- Ashley
College Friend- Marissa
College Friend- Sally
We had such a fun time kicking off her wedding festivities!!
Stay tuned for Part 2, our wild night we had after!!