Monday, January 30, 2012

My idea of a Perfect Weekend!

Happy Monday to you all!!

I had in my opinion the perfect weekend!

It started off Friday with Jack our nephew, he hung out with me for most of the day! He was such a trooper, I was in a desperate need to get my nails done and he came along and behaved just perfect. Next we were off to the pet store to get Ella a new kitty bed, Jack picked it out all on his own and she just loves it. Next we were off to Lululemon where I made my very first purchase! I had never tried anything on in the store before because I know myself and knew I would love it, well I sure was right!

What you can't see here is there is actually another bag behind this one! OPPS
We met up with Clay, Heidi, and Brit for dinner at Sushi, YUM! Jack begged to stay the night again and of course I caved how could I not :) what he didn't know was it was an early Friday night 9PM bedtime to be exact!
Jack got picked up Saturday and I was off the the gym, it was so nice knowing that I didn't have anywhere to be that day. I had a nice long workout and came home and enjoyed a THREE hour nap on the couch!! Justin and I had a date night Saturday and enjoyed a nice dinner together. I ended my Saturday night at  Graduation party for my friend Katie!

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except I also went to my fav Target with my other fav Marie who I haven't been able to see as much as I would like, you will hear all about why that is later this week!
This was one of the items I came home with...

Can't beat the $12.99 price tag!
Since the price was so awesome and Justin just loves it on me I think I'll be going back to get another!! I'm craving Spring so bad and the funny thing we have barley had any rain yet this year! I also got an adorable light sweatshirt which I don't have a pic of yet! Since I have barley used my Christmas present from Justin I also made him Chocolate Chip cookies!!

Compliments of my Amazing Kitchen Aid!!
We ended our Sunday by going to the movies! We saw Contraband which I really liked, and recommend you see if you like action movies! I also want to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close but I am waiting until I am done reading the book!!

All in all we had an amazing weekend and could not have asked for better weather!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Im Loving Wednesday!!

What I am loving Wednedays! Welcome to my current obsessions!!

1. These adorable mugs from Crate & Barrel, I may just need to invest in some for my new Yellow Hutch (pics of that project coming soon)
Love the polka dots!
Zig zags!!
2. These adorbable running shoes, love the pink and grey!

Size 8 please!
 3. This Lululemon Jacket

So cute for a casual day or working out!
 4. Massive amounts of this today

Dont worry water too :)
 Happy hump day!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Heidi

Over the weekend we celebrated Heidi's birthday!
She was one spoiled lady!!
We celebrated at Wine & Rose's in Lodi.
I loved every single minute of it.

On our way ready for a weekend of pampering!
Some of us girls started with lunch while the others started their treatments. I didn't take a picture of my lunch but had the crab cakes which were to die for and washed it down with a little Rombauer. Perfect!!

First toast of the weekend!
We could not have asked for more beautiful weather for the day!

Next we were off to "The Nest" and were ready to be pampered!
Now when your at the Spa there is no better way to be pampered then start if off with a little bubbly and the hot tub.
While we were being spoiled the hotel dropped a cheese platter and a bottle of wine in each room.

The rest of the day included a little bit of wine tasting...
And showering the birthday girl with a couple gifts...

I gave her the Pottery Barn birthday platter with her favorite cupcakes!

Cute party favors for us girls from Heidi and Tegan

We ended the eving at Rosewood with a delicious birthday dinner.

All the Girls!
Compliments of the restuarant!
We ended the night dancing and sipping wine at the hotel while listening to awesome music!
And we can't forget the late night games!

Happy birthday Heidi!! I hope you had the most amazing weekend ever! I loved celebrating every minute with you!!

Cheers to more birthdays!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Girly Girl Weekend it was!

My weekend consisted of hanging out with 4 of my favorite girls and showering a mommy and her baby girl Marlee who will hopefully make her debut in February!!

I started babysitting the Annison's when little Hannah was 14 months old, she will be 7 in April! While it has been amazing watching these four girls grow up it also makes me feel so OLD!! I started watching them when I was 19! Audrey is now 13, Maddie & Lizzie are 11, and my little Hannah banana is 6! I feel like these little girls are my sisters. When their Mom asked me if I would watch them Saturday though Monday night I dropped almost all of my plans and said OF COARSE!! A weekend with my 4 favorite little ladies I will almost never pass up.

Meet the Annison's!
On Saturday they helped me root on the 49er's. Good thing it was just us girls cause we were screaming at the top of our lungs. Any man would have gone runnin! I took them to dinner to celebrate and Fro Yo!
This week will now be BEAT THE GIANTS!!!

Sunday I did leave for a bit to go and celebrate a Mommy and her baby, Tegan and Miss Marlee.  Heidi, Justin's sister in law has taken me under her wing and introduced me to some amazing women! Heidi and another friend Heather threw an amazing baby shower. All the girls met at Lark Creek to celebrate. The theme was Books and Bloomers and there wasn't one detail they did not forget. I only have two pictures to show :( I know lame. (Forgive me I just started my blog I will have to remember my camera everywhere I go from now on)!! The mommy to be did receive some awesome gifts and a great start on her collection of girl books. The food was delicious, the diet coke was great :), (no drinks for me since I was still babysitting), and the company was even better! I can't wait to meet little Marlee.

Monday the girls had the day off and Justin so graciously let me work while I hung out with them! First thing we did was go to Michael's and get craft stuff to make homemade Valentine's Day cards for Hannah's classmates and teachers! (47 in total, oh my goodness I told the other girls thank goodness they don't exchange cards too, it was a lot of work)

Teachers got extra special ones!
Lizzie got a sewing machine for Christmas and was all excited when I told her I would take her to get fabric to sew something. Off to Joann's we went, long story short we ended up at Beverly's picked out fabric and hurried home to sew. Little did I know HOW HARD it was to thread the thread and bobbin to actually sew. All I can say is poor Lizzie was crying and I was ready to throw the machine out the window. After reading the manual multiple times and watching countless YouTube videos we never sewed a thing!

Well that was my weekend and I loved every single minute of it! Looking forward to this up coming weekend, a weekend away with the ladies to celebrate Heidi's birthday. Wine, girls, and the spa what more could you want!

XOXO for now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's our time!

With that being said the San Francisco 49er's are in the playoffs this weekend! FINALLY!!!!
While it has been sometime I am so so excited!!
I'll be wearing my Red and Gold!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack Man!

Today is Justin's (AKA boyfriend) little nephew Jack's 6th Birthday!
I may be a little biased but he is one of the COOLEST and CUTEST kids ever! Just sayin!

Doing what he does best at Chuck e Cheese!
Justin and I love to have Jack come and spend the night with us! Most of the time it consists of him begging us to take him to his favorite place Chuck e Cheese and most of the times we cave in, I mean were all kids at heart right and who doesn't love going to play games!!

Other times it consists of his other favortie activity THE PARK! If I would sit there for hours at the bench and let him play he would. The minute we walk up to the park he already has 5 friends. Social little guy he is!

We love having you over Jack and I always tell him he can come whenever he wants!!

Happy Birthday to our little Spider Man!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Life in a Nutshell

Welcome to my very FIRST blog post EVER!
Where should I start?
I was a little nervous at first to put my whole life out there, but figured since I am always reading others I should start a blog of my own!
I am a twenty something girl living the life in Northern California.
I am super thankful to be able to work out of my house most of the day and in the afternoon I nanny two adorable children, one boy and one girl! Perfect.
I have the best family a girl could ask for.
Im the mommy to two adorable kitties, Jackson & Ella, who we rescued last year at ARF!

Meet Ella!

Meet Jackson!

They love eachother!
You may hear about them a lot since they are my children and all and I may be a little obsessed, just sayin!!
I have an addiction with Diet Coke! Can't go a day without one and most days there's definitely more than one.
I have an amazing boyfriend who makes it possible for me to work at home. I mean he is the boss and all :) Thankgoodness I am in the office and he is in the field cause thats the only way it will work!
I love love do it your own projects and may just show you some that I do on here!
Well that's it for now!