Thursday, January 31, 2013


If you know me you would know I am a crazy cat lady! I never thought I would be but I am!! Two years ago yesterday on 1/30/2011 I brought this little fur ball below home with me! It was a Sunday and pouring ran! I had looked at ARF on Saturday and had him all picked out! He was just over a year and had the most energy and personality of all the kitties there! The problem was we were celebrating Heidi's birthday that night at That Bar and I would never want to leave him home alone the first night! I woke up bright and early Sunday and was the first one at ARF! $50 later he was all mine!! When I was getting him that morning there was a little girl cat around three who was in there with him and was melting my heart as well! Little did she know I would be coming to get her a few short weeks later!! I love my little Jackson and couldn't picture life without him!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Niner Nation

If you know me by now you would know that I LOVE LOVE Football!! I am perfectly content sitting on the couch Sunday and watching back to back games!
A couple Saturday's ago I was on pins and needles as the Niners played the Green Bay Packers for our first playoff game. Thankfully we won and moved on to the next game!

If you remember from last year this was the game that ended our season! WELL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN NOT THIS YEAR!!!
We are going to the SUPER BOWL!!
I was seriously so so happy!
Our guys have worked their arses off all year and FINALLY were going!
Even better! It will be a family affair!! To head coach brothers head to head!
I am counting down the days for Sunday February 3rd!
Super Bowl party at Heidi's house! I'll be making my new buffalo chicken dip! YUM YUM!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Which shows are you watching this month?

I try not to watch to many shows on the regular but there are some I can't get enough of!! These are my current favorites! 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!! LOVE!! I don't care what any one says I love the Beverly Hills, OC, & Miami!! Kyle and Camille are my fav's!!
Nashville is my new all time favorite! If you aren't watching this go now and catch up!! I seriously can't get enough of this show. I love all the music too!! I already bought the entire CD on itunes!!
Thank goodness for new episodes of Law & Order cause if you know me I have seen every single one! I love watching the re-runs but there is almost never a time that there is one I have not seen!
And this one! HOT firefighters!! Yes Please!! This is the first season and I look forward to this every Wednesday!!

What shows are you watching??

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Disney Movies

Remember all those Disney movies that we grew up watching and if you have kids I am sure they are now watching too! Well my family still has every single one on VHS! I decided at Christmas time to start a collection of my own in the DVD form!! Santa was really nice and brought me Cinderella in my stocking!
When I was out with my Dad I purchased Lady and the Tramp.
A couple days ago I was at Target and spotted The Rescuer's & The Rescuer's Down Under and immediately snatched it up!!
Tonight I was at Costco and purchased The Lion King!

The thing is with these movies they are only released from the Disney vault every so often so when you see them you have to snatch them up!! I also saw Mary Poppins while at Target, that may be my next one!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Goals

I love setting goals but feel like when I set a years worth of resolutions I tend to do them for the first two months and then they fizzle! Sooo this year I am making myself monthly goals which will be much more achievable since each month will be a little different!!
January Goals-

1. Gym 4 to 5 times a week! I can get a really good routine and then suddenly one day it disappears! This month I will make it to the gym 4-5 times a week!

2. Start studying for my Real Estate Test! YES you heard that right! Back at the end of December I forked over $200 and ordered all the books and studying material. Due to the holidays and traveling they didn't get opened once! This month I will be studying!!

3. Actually read my book clubs book!! Laura choose The School of Essential Ingredients! I am almost finished and have loved the entire book!! Can't wait to hear what the next one will be on Thursday!!

4. SAVE SAVE SAVE! I wont disclose the amount but in my head I have a number I would like to achieve by the end of January in my savings!!

5. Set money aside for a Cannon DSLR camera!! I love pictures and photography but my camera just isn't cutting it these days! My momma has a Cannon DSLR camera with a trillion lenses but I want my own so I can learn on it!!

6. Eat healthier!! Shop ahead, prep ahead!!

7. Blog more! I seriously love this blog! Thanks to Heidi I finally started one last year. I love being able to look back and see everything I have done and remember!

8. Print the year 2012 of my blog into a book!!

So there you have it! They all seem pretty attainable right? I think so too! In the beginning of February I will let you know how I did!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A look back of 2012

WOW 2012 was an amazing year and I am thinking 2013 will be even better !

January -

I started this little blog of mine which I love love love! I love being able to document everything and look back at it all! I will be printing the year 2012 into a coffee table book this month!!

Towards the end of January the girls and I headed away to Lodi for the night to celebrate Heidi's Birthday! Girls, wine, and massages what else could you need?


In the beginning of February I went to Marie's graduation from flight attendant school for Virgin America Airlines!

I made some festive treats for Valentine's Day! And a DIY project of heart garland for my chicken wire board!

 We celebrated Brittney's upcoming marriage with a fun shower at Heidi's!


This month was crazy busy!!

Justin and I went on a road trip to Montana for a friends wedding!

I attended Elizabeth's 80's Party

The very next day I helped Claire throw Tenley her 3rd Birthday party cowgirl style!

Finally it quited down a bit!
I surprised my Dad for his birthday and few down to Arizona for a week!

Claire and I had the most fun ever at our first Giant's game of the season! And we ran into one of our best friends Dave who was there for a bachelor party!


I hosted a Cinco de Mayo party at our house but have no photos to show of it besides a beer pong table that was made for it!

We celebrated my Momma's birthday!

I celebrated my 25th birthday! Complete with my first planter box for veggies! Learned a lot about that one this year!

Celebrated Austin's First Birthday

May ended relaxing up in St. Helena


I was lucky enough to be able to go to Russian River with the Stone's in June! Boy was it fun!!

I hosted a summer BBQ at our house!

And June ended in Capitola for some beach fun!!


Fourth of July kicked off July

Followed by the good ole county fair

A wedding shower was attended

And I went to a country concert! Kenny Chesney anyone?


I helped Sarah throw a bachlorette party!

Attended yet another country concert!! Brad Paisley

Finally enjoyed the summer heat at the pool

Ended August attending a couples shower in SF!


I went to the much anticipated wedding of the season!

Claire, Tenley, and I headed to Arizona to see my Dad!!


I went to my first ever book club meeting!!

Celebrated Claire's 26th Birthday with all the girls!
Got a little crafty and made this pumpkin for Halloween!!


November seemed to slow down a bit! I was able to spend time with family and friends and see what really matters in life! I don't have many pictures from this month! I went to my book club meeting! I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family!! And I loved on my little furballs below!!
If you just read my latest posts December was crazy busy!
My sister graduated Nursing school
And I celebrated Christmas in Arizona with my family!!
2012 was a great year! I made so many memories that I will have for a lifetime and will be able to remember all of them through this great little blog of mine!!
I know 2013 will bring great memories and I can't wait!!