Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Baby Mom" turns 3

Happy happy birthday to my favorite little 3 year old girl "Tenley, Tubby, Ten, Baby Mom".
I can't believe that I am sitting here writing that my little Tenley is turning 3 today. They say time flies but my goodness time really does fly. I love this child so so much it's hard to put it into words. Her momma and I have been BFF's since the 6th grade. When Claire told me she was pregnant I thought she was kidding. Once I saw about 20 pregnancy tests in the back seat of her car that all said YES I figured it was safe to say I was gonna be an Auntie!!

When Claire delivered at John Muir I would say there was 30 people or so in the waiting room ready to smother this little girl. To say she is loved is such an understatement!! If I am having a down day all I have to do is call Claire and tell her I am heading over. Tenley can brighten your day in a matter of seconds. She is such a momma! If you ask her, whats your name, she will tell you "Baby Mom". She is completely obsessed with her babies "Aba, Emma, and Hope". She loves cupcakes, playing at the park, doing your hair, putting on makeup, chicken nuggets, story time, bath time, playing in her playhouse, and anything that consists of pink and girly. She is such a girly girl!! Like mother like daughter!
Here is Tenley with her momma only a couple days old! She was the sweetest baby ever and she has the BEST momma ever!!!
I believe in the picture she was two days old! She still has that pretty tan going on!
I think it's safe to say Tenley has always been an amazing sleeper! Just last night I was with her putting her to bed and she said at about 8pm, I am ready for ni nite! REALLY?? What little girl says that!
Tenley has always been a bow girl from day one! Her Auntie Lisa has made her maybe 200 different color/sized bows!!
We are at the Lafayette Art & Wine festival!!
Look at that smile!!
Riding in Style!!
Celebrating Tenley's first birthday!!
Smiling with a few of her Aunties!!
Sending her Auntie Hay Hay off to prom!
Her second birthday having lunch at Cheesecake!
She had a jumpy house for her 2nd birthday!!
She gets this from her momma!!
She loves coming to Auntie Casey's house and playing with her kitties!
Already a Niner fan!!
She looks so innocent here! Don't let that look fool ya!
One of our many sushi dates!!

 Dear Tenley,
I can't wait to celebrate many many more years to come!! I love you to the moon and back! You have already grown into such a young little lady and have captured every ones heart you have been around! You love your momma so much it is indescribable! As well as your Grandma, Papa, Nanny, and everyone else around you! You have such a soft heart, you nurture your babies as if they were really human! You love to do hair and makeup and anything girly! Your always along for the ride even if it's a day of running errands, as long as it ends with you getting a cupcake! I can't wait to see the little person you will become!! Happy happy birthday!  Love you!!


  1. She is so adorable. I love that she calls herself Baby Mom. How sweet is that?!?!