Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cowgirl Party Yee Haw

Ever since I saw Mel's post at The Larson Lingo of her daughters cowgirl party I just knew this was something Claire and I needed to do for Miss Tenley Grace's 3rd birthday party. While it was a little over the top and lots of $$$ Claire and I kept justifying it that since she is starting pre-school all the next birthday party's will be small with friends. (ha who are we kidding, but well keep thinking that)!!
For the past month and a half Claire and I have been gathering things here and there. I knew we wanted to do a BBQ theme for the food. Pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, etc.. All pretty easy THANKS to the help of Heidi!! Lisa, Claire's Aunt did all the bunting, wooden signs, the Cake, and so much more! I did most of the rest with Claire's permission of course! With the 4 of us I would say we pulled off a pretty successful party!! When we saw it was going to rain Sunday we were freaking out to say the least. How were we going to put 70 plus people in Claire's house along with all the decor and don't forget the 12 hay bales we bought! The party was Sunday at 1pm. On Saturday at 10AM we decided we were moving the party to the local swim club house 1 street over from Claire's. And guess what of course it didn't rain Sunday but we were so so happy we moved the location. We had all day Saturday to set up which made life great on Sunday. The inside was perfect for the party and the parking lot was great for the STAR of the show the pony rides!!
Here is the party in PHOTOS!!! Enjoy!!

The Photo Booth
Adorable WANTED posters made by Mel
Tenley's Country Store
Grab a bag and filler up
Each child got to pick a hat
Drinks Drinks Drinks
Appetizer Table
The Spread! Thanks to Heidi for all her help with the food!!
Vintage posters above the food
The Crafting Coral; Cookie decorating, coloring, etc..
You can never have enough deserts for the desert table!!
THE STAR OF THE SHOW!! Pumpkin the Pony and Zipper the Horse!
We had them each for one hour and they were occupied the ENTIRE time!!
The Loot!!
Getting Ready to Make a Wish!!

While I have never thrown such an extravagant party it was so much fun!! I can tell you that Sunday I went to bed at 7pm. I was EXHAUSTED!!!
I can't wait for next years birthday party Tenley!!!